Thursday, 16 June 2016

When you want to add your Gmail account with Outlook then you can send and receive mail easily form your Gmail account .there are follow some few step add Gmail account with Outlook mail.
1.      Outlook mail available in the system.
2.      In Outlook, one option tool is there then click account option.
3.      When you click account option one pop up box appear, click other email.
4.      After click in email option enter the email address and password and click the Add account.
5.      When you have added account one account box appears which is contain all information. 
      Outlook mail synchronized all email between outlook and mail server but all item like contact, calendar etc save on your system not on the mail server. If user face any problem then contact with Outlook Mail customer support  expert team .They provide guideline how to add Gmail account with Outlook mail.

There are few step follow to delete the account in Outlook.
1.      First click in Outlook and one tool option is there, and click tab option.
2.      When you click on tab option account option is there then click it.
3.      When you click account one add account (+)option is there when you click add account option one pop up appear.
4.      The click the other email, and after click other email enter email id and password and click add account button.
5.      Last one appears one screen where all information is available like email id, password etc.

  It is possible for user they are easily add additional account with Outlook mail. But some time user add additional account  then find the error message that time Outlook mail customer service team give the user technical advice.

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